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2016-11-17 11:30 am

Handy McKinney uptown apartments icemaker

Get the ice maker ready every time you have an exclusive party inside your apartment. The handy McKinney uptown apartments ice maker can produce diced ice within a 24 hour period from 14 to 45 lbs. It does not have to reach the 24th hour. You can use potable water as an basic ingredient. You can then place the freshly made ice cubes or dice inside a container and into the refrigerator’s freezer.

The handy McKinney uptown apartments ice maker is a significant and indispensable part of apartment living. While you can make ice inside the freezer of your refrigerator, and ice maker has better and faster capabilities especially when you need a relatively large volume of ice cubes to be used at your apartment. Your guests would greatly appreciate and admire your ice maker.

With the stainless handy McKinney uptown apartments ice maker, you wouldn’t have to worry about where to get ice for your party or for you daily evening cocktails. You can produce 15 to 45 lbs of ice every day. This is one of the great amenities under the handy McKinney uptown apartments ice maker feature. What’s more is that the ice doesn’t melt and stays intact for as long as you wish.

Your handy McKinney uptown apartments ice maker has a refrigeration component, has controls like switches and knobs and a dispenser. You can make ice cubes every day as long as there’s water and power. At McKinney uptown apartments ice maker, we assure all residents of a continuous water and power supply.

The handy McKinney uptown apartments ice maker inspires you to do better in a relaxed state, and optimizes your apartment living experience in terms of enjoyment and convenience, and maximizes your comfort and livability.

Aside from the handy McKinney uptown apartments ice maker, there are other apartment amenities available. Such features would complement your ice maker, and would make your life more productive, luxurious and meaningful.

The other apartment amenities are quite numerous and they include: Stainless Appliances, Plank Wood Style Flooring, Maple Cabinetry, Wheelchair Access, Washer and Dryer Hookups, Walk-in Closet, Tiled Kitchen Back splashes, Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks , Short Term/ Corporate Units, Self Cleaning Oven, Private Patio/Balconies, Microwave, Granite Counter tops, Garbage Disposal, Frost Free Refrigerators, Extra Storage, Dishwasher, Digital Thermostats, Designer Track & Pendant Lighting, Ceiling Fans, Cable Ready, Built In Bookshelves, and Air Conditioning.

The handy McKinney uptown apartments ice maker is one of the most attractive amenities of McKinney uptown apartments you’ll find in this part of Dallas. As an additional feature, if you sign up with us and move in by November 30, 2016 you get the privilege of saving off $850 on first month rent plus an additional $200 savings on upfront fees. Call now at (855) 773-9546.
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